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The '''University of North Carolina''' is a multi-campus public university system composed of all 16 of North Carolina's public universities, as well as the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics|NC School of Science and Mathematics, the nation's first public residential high school for gifted students. Commonly referred to as the '''University of North Carolina system''' or the '''UNC system''' to differentiate it from the original campus in Chapel Hill, the university has a total enrollment of over 183,000 students and confers over 75% of all baccalaureate degrees in North Carolina in 2008. UNC campuses conferred 43,686 degrees for 2008–2009, the bulk of which were Bachelor's level with 31,055 degrees awarded.
Image nameUniversity of North Carolina system seal.png
Latin nameUniversitat Carol Septet
Established1789 (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill|Chapel Hill)
1972 (current structure)
TypePublic university|Public
University system
PresidentMargaret Spellings
Faculty13,564 (2008 Fall){{cite web|url= |title=UNC Employees |publisher=UNC System |date= |accessdate=2010-08-14}}
Staff30,664 (2008 Fall)
Students222,322 (2009 Fall){{cite web|url= |title=Facts & Figures |publisher=UNC System |date= |accessdate=2010-08-14}}
Undergrad176,133 (2009 Fall){{cite web|url= |title=Facts & Figures | |date= |accessdate=2010-08-14}}
Postgrad46,189 (2009 Fall)
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Russians 341
Law 106
Science 20
Drama 9
Operas 7
Awards 6
Women 5
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